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New SVGA Demo: Conway’s Game of Life

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I could not resist writing another quick demo – I implemented a version of Conway’s Game of Life on Morpheus.

I used the SVGA driver, and a 80×60 universe. Currently it is a bit slow due to FilledCircle still being written in Spin, and plotting the filled circle one pixel at a time – however that will change once I finish the assembly language hline routine; calling that instead of individual pixel plotting should speed up FilledCircle and FilledRectangle immensely.


New SVGA Driver + Demo!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

If you have a Morpheus, run, don’t walk to the Downloads page!

I just uploaded the latest SVGA bitmap driver with new demo’s!

This version includes the first release of the GPU server, and implements the following:

  • Cls(color) – PASM fast screen clear routine
  • Pen(color) – set the drawing color to one of the four colors per pixel
  • Plot(x,y) – PASM fast pixel plotting
  • Plot(x,y,c) – PASM fast pixel plotting, also specifies color
  • Rectangle(x,y,w,h) – draw a rectangle
  • Circle(x,y,c) – draw a circle
  • FilledRectangle(x,y,w,h) – draw a filled rectangle
  • FilledCircle(x,y,w,h) – draw a filled circle

Note that I am working on a PASM version of Line, which will also speed up the FilledRectangle and FilledCircle functions immensely.

More functions coming after the above is completed – namely:

  • PutChar(x,y,ch) – output 8×12 character at specified location
  • PutStr(x,y,strptr) – output a string at specified location

XGA/SVGA bitmap driver Sync issue fixed!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Thanks to Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) from the forum, the Sync issue is no more!

He posted a nice, small, very clear example of synchronizing multiple cog’s counters, and it allowed me to spot the difference from what he was doing, and what I was doing different.

I’ve uploaded an XGA and an SVGA driver to the downloads page – it is currently extremely slow to write to the bitmap, but I am working on that – by the weekend it will NOT be slow any more (well, at least not the SVGA one; XGA hogs most of the memory bandwidth just for refreshing the screen)

“Morpheus System Architecture and Developer’s Guide” now available!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have uploaded v0.90 of the Developer’s Guide to the Downloads page (link to your left).

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Propteus is born!

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Proteus base board configuration

Propteus is based on the standard 4″x3.05″ Parallax Protoboard format, and has the following features:

Propeller base circuit

  • PropPlug compatible headers, extra pins possible for Vcc, SCL, SDA
  • EEPROM support
  • P8X32 dip support
  • support for FOUR decoupling capacitors for the propeller – two on either side. Saphiea recommends 33uF tantalum and 100nF ceramic on each side for maximum overclocking potential.
  • designed to easily support Sigma-Delta, can cut top trace to second user pad for very short leads
  • optional RESET/user switch

Expansion headers

  • MORPHBUS connector support – or can be used for 2xN headers
  • can be stacked on Morpheus, Propeller ProtoBoard, SX boards, Stamp boards
  • can be “base” board for another Propteyus, Proteus, Mem+, Morpheus
  • two ProtoBoard / Morpheus / SpinStudio compatible ten pin expansion headers
  • expansion headers can be left unconnected, directly connected to P0-P7, P8-P15, or connected via current limiting resistors
  • optionally the EXP1/EXP2 connectors can be driven by other circuitry on the large prototyping area
  • supports extra 1×12 header on bottom left
  • supports 12 servo headers on top right

LED’s – Everyone loves blinking lights!

  • supports four user LED’s with current limiting resistors
  • supports power LED with current limiting resistor

Voltage Regulation

  • support for 3.3V regulator circuit
  • optional power switch
  • filter capacitor support
  • reverse voltage protection diode
  • two pin power input
  • can power MORPHBUS
  • can be powered from MORPHBUS

Servo Power

  • when MORPHBUS powered can be wired to provide 1000uF capacitor and 1uH induction for better external servo power

Large Prototyping Area

  • Large prototyping area designed for better 0.3″ and 0.6″ support
  • Special zig-zag Vcc/GND bus, within 0.1″-0.145″ from any bus


  • Bare PCB $12.95 USD
  • Bare PCB with two short 1x10F, one short 2x20F, one 1x7M connector $14.95 USD
  • Bare PCB with two stacking 1x10F, one stacking 2x20F, one 1x7M connectors $17.95 USD

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Available NOW!

Propteus stacking daughterboard configurationPropteus stacking daughterboard configurationProteus Servo Header

Proteus base board configurationProteus base board configurationPropteus stacking EXP header detail