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WHEW – Back from UPEW 2011!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I just returned from the best UPEW yet!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been working crazy hours – thank goodness I have an unbelievable wife who understands – or at least puts up with – my crazy schedule. I love you wifey!

For those of you not familiar with UPEW, it stands for “Unofficial Parallax Expo West”, and takes place at Parallax’s headquarters in Rocklin, CA. Jeff, known as Obc on the Parallax forums, organizes this yearly event where Propeller developers and users gather to network, exchange information, display their latest projects – and in general have a blast. UPEW opens on Saturday morning at 10am, and lasts until about 4pm on Sunday. Yes, people do stay and work on their projects with like minded individuals over night. (Editor) 

The good news is that I am launching the “Mikronauts Modular System”, the culmination of 27 years of experience in industrial control, and about five years of experience in education.
You see, I’ve been a busy bee, and you can think of the “Mikronauts Modular System” as a “Lego”(tm) style building block approach for assembling control systems, experimentation educational computers or robotics and development systems from a coherent system of high quality microcontroller boards, prototyping boards, industrial modules, educational boards, and yes, even an advanced robot controller board and some sensors :-)

What this means for you:

  • I will be writing a large amount of documentation detailing the system, which is composed of almost 40 printed circuit boards
  • there are more on the way in my design / testing / manufacturing pipeline
  • More utilities, drivers and sample code
  • Application notes for my products
  • Customer success stories, should they wish to contribute some
  • Contests with prizes you will want to win
  • An e-commerce solution so you can easily order my products should you so desire
  • I may even add forums!

It will take a while to get all the documentation written and uploaded, but I will start by posting the announcement for my RoboProp advanced Propeller based controller board with some photo’s later today. I think you will like it – it got a great reception at UPEW from the attendees.

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