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Howto add a 4×4 keypad to a Raspberry Pi with an MCP23017 and Python

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Touch screens are great. Keyboards are often necessary. But what if all you need is a numeric keypad?

4x4 I2C keypad for Raspberry Pi

(click on image for larger version)

In my latest article, I show you how you can easily add a 4×4 keypad to your Raspberry Pi using an MCP23017 I/O expander and Python.

I also present a very easy to use Python library to read the keypad.×4-matrix-keypad-with-mcp23017-and-python/


Banana Pro Review – Benchmarks, Power Consumption, and much more!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Banana Pro Review

Today I have a review of the new Banana Pro from LeMaker for you, with detailed information, benchmarks, power consumption and much more!

Review Index

Page 1: Introduction, Does it look the same?
Page 2: Closer Look at the Banana Pro
Page 3: Feature Comparison, Operating Systems
Page 4: Software Compatibility
Page 5: WiringPi, RPi.GPIO, Hardware Compatibility
Page 6: More hardware compatibility, WiFi Configuration
Page 7: Documentation, Benchmarks
Page 8: Power Utilization, Support, Conclusion