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Raspberry Pi 3 Review – with a ton of benchmarks and hardware tests!

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

The review took longer than I expected, but it is finally complete!

Raspberry Pi 3 Review @
(click on image for larger version)

Weighing in at 11 large pages, this is quite possibly the most comprehensive Raspberry Pi 3 review on the net.

Review Contents

Introducing Raspberry Pi 3
A Closer Look at Raspberry Pi 3
Feature Comparison, Operating Systems
Software Compatibility, Common Applications, Multimedia, Kodi
Hardware Compatibility, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth
GPIO: WiringPi, pigpio, Add-On Board testing
More testing: RoboPi, Pi Droid Alpha, SchoolBoard ][
More testing: Pi Rtc Dio, Pi Jumper, EZasPi
Benchmarks: Booting & Launching Apps, Compiling GNU Emacs
More Benchmarks: iperf client & server, NBench, Unix Bench, hdparm, dd
Power Utilization, Documentation, Support, Conclusion

Link: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Review

Raspberry Pi 3 with RoboPi – works great!

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

It took a bit of fiddling due to changes with the serial port… but

RoboPi on Raspberry Pi 3 @
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RoboPi works great with the new Raspberry Pi 3!

Changes needed to get it running:

  • add ‘force_turbo=1’ to /boot/config.txt as per forum discussions
  • make sure that Serial is set to “Disable” in the Raspberry Pi configurator
  • when initializing RoboPi, use /dev/ttyS0 instead of /dev/AMA0

I must admit that I was concerned about changing the serial port on the GPIO header to the mini Uart, but these changes are relatively painless.

RoboPi is supported on the seven Raspberry Pi’s:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (***NEW***)
  2. Raspberry Pi Model A
  3. Raspberry Pi Model B
  4. Raspberry Pi Model A+
  5. Raspberry Pi Model B+
  6. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  7. Raspberry Pi Zero

RoboPi is also supported on six other single board computers:

  1. Banana Pi
  2. Banana Pro
  3. LeMaker Guitar
  4. ODROID C1
  5. ODROID XU4 with Shifter Shield
  6. MIPS Creator CI20

You read right – RoboPi is now supported on 13 different SBC’s!

Raspberry Pi 3 Launch & Microsoft Windows 10 IoT for RPi3

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

While I am eagerly awaiting my Raspberry Pi 3’s (ordered yesterday morning), I have been reading everything I could about it in preparation to using them.

Unfortunately I found out that some sites are shouting that “Microsoft will make Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi” in the headline, and while most clarify in the article that it is an IoT edition, it will leave inexperienced users assuming it will run their favourite x86 app.

True: Microsoft has made a Raspberry Pi version of Windows 10 IoT Edition Insider Preview available.

False: It will run regular Windows apps. Raspberry Pi 2 USB hard drive and adapter tests

Raspberry Pi 3 has Win10IOT only – which is NOT a desktop OS!

For detailed explanation why that means no desktop apps, see the article I wrote when similar sensational articles were written for Raspberry Pi 2.

Eben did state in his interview that he hopes someday there will be a full windows on RPi3, however that is up to Microsoft, who has not stated they will do so.

Please note, even if there was a full desktop Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi it would not run “regular x86 Windows apps” without an x86 emulator, which would make that software run very slowly.

I think it is great that Windows 10 IoT will be available, but alas, we cannot expect a full Windows 10 that runs x86 apps at a reasonable speed.