Serving Raspberry Pi #6: Virtual Bumpers, Robot HotSpot & Wireless Joystick Remote!

May 29th, 2016

The June 2016 edition of Servo Magazine is out – and it has my sixth “Serving Raspberry Pi” article!


In this article, I upgraded Hobbit with:

  • two front virtual bumpers
  • a WiFi hotspot
  • a Rock Candy PS3 Wireless Joystick

The left joystick controls forward/reverse speed, and the right one controls turning/spinning in place – in short, Hobbit behaves like an RC car/truck.

I’ll be uploading the sample code and joystick library to the existing Hobbit article this week.

Hobbit article: Hobbit – Elf’s little brother – 2WD Raspberry Pi based Robot

I strongly recommend you subscribe to Servo Magazine digital edition – you will then get access to all past Servo articles (including mine <grin>)

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