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Serving Raspberry Pi #7: Meet Berry Bot

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

The November 2016 issue of Servo Magazine is out – and I got the cover!!!


It this article I started building Berry – a RoboPi + Raspberry Pi 3 based 4WD robot.

As you can see, Berry has a red 4WD chassis, Patriot USB power bank, RoboPi, Raspberry Pi 3, Sharp IR distance sensor, and a 9g micro servo.

What you can’t see is that Berry also has an L298N motor driver board, HMC5883L used as a compass, and a 4xAA cell battery pack to power the motors.

This article shows how to connect the parts, and presents some simple Python code for the compass.

For the full skinny, read Servo :)

Unpaid plug: if you are into bots, I highly recommend getting a Servo digital edition subscription – which also lets you read all back issues (including my past articles <grin>)

BTW, sorry about the lack of posts & articles, other work kept me busy.

Serving Raspberry Pi #1 in Servo January 2016 issue!

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Serving Raspberry Pi #1

The first “Serving Raspberry Pi #1” article is now available in the January issue of Servo Magazine!

The digital issue just came out today, print copies should be in stores RSN.

The first article in my series about Raspberry Pi and Robotics (a match similar to peanut butter and jam in goodness) on pages 52-55.

As #1 indicates, this will be a series of articles :-)

You can submit Raspberry Pi robotics related questions at:

I recommend Servo Magazine to anyone interested in robotics.



You can also find a Mikronauts ad on Page 49 of the same issue

RoboPi now works on 11 different single board computers!

Friday, November 6th, 2015

RoboPi @ Mikronauts

RoboPi now supports the following single board computers:

  1. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (RPi2 Review)
  2. Raspberry Pi Model A
  3. Raspberry Pi Model A+ (RPi A+ Review)
  4. Raspberry Pi Model B
  5. Raspberry Pi Model B+ (RPi B+ Review)
  6. Banana Pi (and BPi-M1) (BPi Review)
  7. Banana Pro (BPro Review)
  8. LeMaker Guitar with Base Board (Guitar Review)
  9. ODROID-C1 (C1 Review)
  10. ODROID-XU4 with Shifter Shied (XU4 Review)
  11. MIPS Create CI20 (CI20 Review)

RoboPi simply stacks on top of the single board computers listed above.

Of course, RoboPi also supports stand alone operation with a PropPlug and 5V!

Every platform is supported with the C/C++ RoboPi API, and all platforms (except MIPS Create CI20) are also supported by the RoboPi Python API.


PiBoe gets a haircut!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

PiBoe was way too tall due to how I mounted the Raspberry Pi on the Boe-Bot chassis.

I decided to replace two decks, and the spacers between them, with a single sintra deck, with the Raspberry Pi mounted closely on top of the sintra. This allowed shaving over an inch of height from PiBoe!

PiBoe with a haircut!

For more on the changes, including original tall and more shorter photos, visit the full article at:

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Elf Build Log Updated

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Elf HC-SR04

Today, I updated my Elf Raspberry Pi and RoboPi based robot build log with:

  • wiring info and photos for the L9110S motor driver
  • wiring info and photos for the HC-SR04 range sensor
  • sample Python code for RoboPi controlling the motor driver via PWM and reading the range sensor



I welcome your questions and feedback!