ESP8266 ESP-01 module experiments

The ESP8266 based WiFi modules introduced last year have had an enormous impact on IoT, making WiFi connected sensor nodes much easier – and much cheaper.

ESP8266 ESP-01 Module Experiments

(click on image for larger version)

Pretty much all makers, hobbyists and other users have loved the introduction of these very low cost modules. (I’d hazard a guess that Texas Instruments, Microchip, Wiznet and others were a lot less happy about the low cost of the ESP8266 and the speed of its adoption.)

I’ve been keeping an eye on the various ESP8266 modules coming to market since I read about them on Hack A Day back in August of last year, and after joining the community forum.

I started ordering in modules December  last year – I mean how can you go wrong with <$5 little WiFi computers?

ESP8266 ESP-01 Module Experiments

(An inexpensive ESP-01 module – click on image for larger version)

I installed the tool chain, played with it the ESP8266 a bit earlier this year, but did not have time to dig really deep into it.

Once I started reading about the Arduino environment becoming available, I thought ok, this will make the modules even more popular.

Then last week I found out about Neil Kolban’s “The ESP8266 Book”. and there went my weekend.

(here is the link to Kolban’s excellent free e-book about all things EPS8266)

Then I noticed jeelabs ESP-Link

That was the proverbial final straw.

There went my weekend!

ESP8266 ESP-01 Module Experiments

(Back of an ESP-01 module – click on image for larger version)

In the past, I stuck an ESP-01 module into two stacking headers, which were plugged into a breadboard.

Ugly, but functional.

This time, I wanted to make a small, simple development board so I could start trying the different tool chains.

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