Hardkernel ODROID XU4 Review

WiFi Compatibility

The ODROID-XU4 does not have on-board WiFi, so I wanted to test its compatibility with the USB WiFi sticks I keep for testing.

USB WiFi Stick Chipset ODROID XU4
Netis WF-2111 Realtek RTL811f YES
Patriot PCBOWAU2-N Realtek R8712u YES
LEGUANG LG-N19 ? Ralink rt2x00 YES
RetailPlus+ WL-6203 Realtek RTL8191S YES
KEEBOX W150NUv1.0 Ralink rt2x00 YES
EdiMax EW-7811Un Realtek RTL8192cu YES
WiPi OYR-COMFAST88 Ralink rt2800usb YES

The XU4 worked with all eight WiFi sticks I tested it with!

I tested the USB Wifi adapters using the USB 2.0 host port as there would not have been any real benefit to using USB3.0 ports for these adapters.

All of the adapters were immediately identified by Linux as I plugged them in.

Connecting to the router was as simple as:

  • clicking on the WiFi symbol on the top menu bar
  • selecting the correct SSID
  • typing the password.

Totally painless.

Even better – repeated hot plugging and unplugging of the WiFi adapters also worked without a hitch.


Here is the double sided page of getting started documentation that came with the ODROID XU4:

ODROID-XU4 Review @ Mikronauts.com

 (click on the image for larger version)

ODROID-XU4 Review @ Mikronauts.com

 (click on the image for larger version)

You can find more documentation on the ODROID-XU4 Wiki page.

Given that there is a nice ODROID-C1 User Manual, I suspect it is only a matter of (a little) time before an ODROID-XU4 User Manual is released.

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