Hardkernel ODROID XU4 Review

SysBench 0.4.12

Sysbench # Cores CPU (sec) Mem (MB/sec)
Raspberry Pi B+ 1 507.0 88.9
Raspberry Pi 2B 1 295.3 174.4
Raspberry Pi 2B 2 149.9 348.5
Raspberry Pi 2B 4 74.7 648.5
Banana Pro 1 291.6 222.4
Banana Pro 2 147.6 422.3
MIPS CI20 1 138.8 174.7
MIPS CI20 2 69.2 237.0
ODROID C1 1 212.8 288.3
ODROID C1 2 110.1 554.5
ODROID C1 4 57.9 998.3
ODROID XU4 1 89.6 5447.7
ODROID XU4 2 44.8 10416.7
ODROID XU4 4 26.0 19130.8
ODROID XU4 8 16.2 9134.3
ODROID XU4 1 default 216.1
ODROID XU4 2 memory 395.3
ODROID XU4 4 block 447.4
ODROID XU4 8 size 339.3

UPDATE: thanks to Maveric from the Odroid forum for showing the better results he obtained for the SysBench memory benchmark. He used a total memory size of 10G, and a 1M block size. I re-ran the tests, and it is the block size that makes the huge difference – even with only 512M total size, a 1M block size brought the single thread results to 5212MB/sec (compared to the 5447MB/sec with a 10G total size), so I re-ran the memory benchmarks with 10GB total size, and 1MB block size. When I have time, I’ll re-test the memory performance of the other boards with 10G/1M.

Sysbench CPU results show total execution time in seconds for the same amount of work

The ODROID XU4, using only two of the cores, clobbers the CPU performance of all of the other board – even when they use four cores.

When using all eight cores, no one even comes close in CPU performance:

  • the XU4 (using 8 cores) is 4.61X as fast as the Raspberry Pi 2 (using 4 cores)
  • the XU4 is 3.57X as fast as the ODROID-C1

Sysbench memory performance for the XU4 is incredibly good, however I need to re-run the memory test on the other boards when I have time to really see how much better the XU4’s memory performance is.

Based purely on the memory clock rate and dual bus, the XU4 is should be at least 4x as fast as the other boards, however I do not expect it to be ~30x than the RPi 2 … more like 10x-15x at best.

iperf 2.0.5 Client

iPerf Type iperf iperf -w 128k
Raspberry Pi B+ 100Mbps 47.6 47.6
Raspberry Pi 2B 100Mbps 94.2 94.2
Raspberry Pi 2B USB Gige 178.0 176.0
Banana Pro 100Mbps 96.4 94.4
Banana Pro 1000Mbps 653.0 487.0
Banana Pro WiFi 30.1 28.1
MIPS CI20 100Mbps 27.5 27.7
MIPS CI20 WiFi 0.8 0.8
ODROID-C1 100Mbps 83.7 83.7
ODROID-C1 1000Mbps 386.0 355.0
ODROID XU4 100mbps 94.5 94.3
ODROID XU4 1000Mbps 878.0 862.0

Results shown are in megabits per second

The iperf client results for the ODROID XU4 are excellent – the XU4 handily beats the iperf of the previous champion, the Banana Pro.

878Mbps (out of theoretical max of 1000Mbps) is very good for an ARM SBC.

iperf 2.0.5 Server

Iperf (server) Type iperf iperf -w 128k
Raspberry Pi 2B 100Mbps 94.3 94.3
Raspberry Pi 2B USB Gige 149.0 149.0
ODROID XU4 100mbps 94.1 94.1
ODROID XU4 1000Mbps 798.0 680.0

Results shown are in megabits per second

I only had iperf server results for a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with a USB3.0 gigabit adapter, which the ODROID XU4 beat – as one would expect.

NBench  2.2.3

nbench Integer FP
Raspberry Pi B+ 11.55 3.88
Raspberry Pi 2B 19.80 8.49
MIPS CI20 18.08 3.88
Banana Pro 20.23 8.67
ODROID-C1 30.20 10.50
ODROID XU4 61.36 37.31

Results are an index relative to a Pentium 90 with 256KB L2 cache.

The NBench Integer results can be summed up as:

  • ODROID XU4 is more than 3x faster than Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pro, MIPS CI20, and 2x faster than an ODROID-C1

The NBench Floating Point results are even more impressive:

  • ODROID XU4 is almost 4x as fast as an ODROID C1
  • ODROID XU4 is more than 4.4x – 9.6x as fast as the other boards above

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