LeMaker Bass Preview

Updated June 24, 2015 with newly released images and data from the LeMaker Bass product page.

According to an article published in IotWorld China,  LeMaker introduced three new products at the June 20 Maker Faire held in Shenzhen, China.

(click on image for larger version – image by LeMaker)

LeMaker Bass

Here is a good photo of the LeMaker Bass from its product page:

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The LeMaker Bass resembles the 96boards.org HiKey eight core ARM board, but instead of an HiSilicon Kirin 6220 eight core ARM SOC, it uses a more modest Actions Semiconductor S900 quad core 64 bit processor.

Mind you, a four core 64 bit ARM based SOC is nothing to sneeze at!

It should also lead to a lower price than the HiKey board.

There is very little information available at this time about the Actions Semiconductor S900 – basically just their press release linked above – however as it is an A53 architecture chip, some more information could be gleaned from arm.com, and an article at cnx-software about the Bubblegum-64 development board from Actions Semiconductor.

I plan on updating this article as I receive more information – this will be another board I am looking forward to evaluating.

Basic Specifications:

  • 28nm process
  • Torch S900 SOC
  • ARM Cortex A53 quad core 64 bit processor up to 1.4MHz
  • PowerVR G6230 GPU from Imagination, up to 2GHz
  • 1GB DDR3 memory (2GB version possible)
  • 8GB eMMC flash memory
  • combined WiFi + Bluetooth module
  • antenna connector
  • supports 4K h.265 HVEC UHD decoding
  • 2x USB2.0 host ports
  • 1x USB2.0 host/device OTG port
  • 5.5mm/2.1mm standard DC input jack for 8-18V 2A
  • power and reset buttons
  • WiFi&BT signal LED, user LED
  • standard HDMI type A socket
  • board layout follows 96Boards standard
  • meets Linaro LCG standard
  • 40 pin “low speed” GPIO connector with 32 GPIO, UART/I2C/SPI/PWM/PCM available
  • 60 pin “high speed” connector with  SDIO, LCD, Camera and USB interface
  • 85mm * 54mm


Torch S900 SOC:

  • manufactured by Action Semiconductor
  • 28nm process
  • quad core ARM A53 64 bit processor
  • supports up to 8GB LPDDR2/LPDDR3/DDR3/DDR3L
  • PowerVR G6230 GPU from Imagination
  • supports 4K h.265 HVEC UHD decoding
  • supports Ultra HD (4K) playback
  • USB2.0
  • USB3.0
  • HDMI
  • MIPI

(click on image for larger version – from ARM A53 page)


  • quad core ARM A53 64 bit processor
  • TrustZone security
  • VFPv4 D-32
  • vector floating point architecture compliant with IEEE 754


  • up to 8GB of DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/LPDDR3 memory
  • NAND Flash support
  • SD/MMC/EMMC support

Display engine:

  • up to 2560×1600 60Hz LCD panel support
  • dual screen UHD 4K 30Hz support

Camera sensors:

  • 13Mpix maximum supported sensor resolution


Integrated Peripherals:

  • LVDS interface for large LCD panels
  • HDMI Transmitter for HDMI1.4b
  • USB Host and Device mode support
  • I2C, SPI, UART and GPIO support

Audio/Video Decoding:

  • MPEG-4, h.264, h.264 and h.265 HVEC decoding
  • UHD HVEC 4K x 2K 30fps decoding

OS Support

  • Linux kernel 3.10
  • Android  5.0
  • Ubuntu 14.04


Disclaimer: The information above is based on a google translation of the original Chinese article at the referred link and information from actions-semi.com and other web sites, any inaccuracies are due to the translation, source material or grey hair moments writing this article. Factual corrections are welcome.


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