LeMaker Guitar Review

LeMaker announced their new Guitar SOM (system on module) and Base Board late June this year, and they were kind enough to send me a pre-release SOM and rev.B baseboard a couple of months later.

Let’s make some music!

LeMaker Guitar Review @ Mikronauts.com

(click on image for larger version)

When I review products, I give some leeway to pre-release products, as they have not been finalized, and the software is pre-release… so everything cannot be expected to work perfectly. I tell the manufacturers of any issues I run across, and give them time to fix so that hopefully they will correct any issues I run into before general release.

This also gives me a great opportunity to judge their technical support :)

Early in October, LeMaker sent me a second Guitar + Base Board sample, which had fixed most earlier issues (more about the issues later in this review), unfortunately due to other demands on my time I could not publish this article earlier.

I believe this base board and Guitar module are the same revison that was just released for sale.

In this review, I will go over what I found with both revisions of the Guitar, and present benchmark results for both revisions, along with comparisons to other SBC’s.

I did not run benchmarks on my Raspberry Pi Compute Module as it is a different animal – a development board bringing out the Broadcom SOC to more headers, with few on board interfaces, and is not meant for “normal” users. It also costs a lot more. If you are curious, the performance of the CM would be very similar to a Raspberry Pi Model B+ for compute bound tasks due to using the same SOC and memory.

Full Disclosure: LeMaker provided the Guitars and Rev.B base boards used in this review, but please be assured my reviews are always unbiased!

I intend to revise the review once alternate base boards are released.

Does the LeMaker Guitar with Base Board look like a Raspberry Pi Compute Module and base board?

LeMaker Guitar Review @ Mikronauts.com

(Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Compute Module – click on image for larger version)

No, it does not. Not even remotely.

As far as the base boards go, the Guitar’s has a LOT more I/O connectors, and the Guitar similarly has a lot more chips on the SOM.

Here is the rev 1.3 Guitar module and second Base Board compared to a Raspberry Pi Compute Module:

LeMaker Guitar Review @ Mikronauts.com

(Compute Module and Guitar 2- click on image for larger version)

Article Index

  1. Introduction
  2. A Closer Look at LeMaker Guitar & Base Board
  3. Feature Comparison
  4. Operating Systems, Software Compatibility
  5. Common Applications, WiFi, Bluetooth
  6. Hardware Compatibility
  7. More on Hardware Compatibility
  8. Benchmarks: Booting&Apps, Compiling Emacs, Sysbench
  9. Benchmarks: iperf client & server, NBench, UnixBench
  10. Benchmarks: hdparm, dd, Documentation, Support, Conclusion

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