CPUModule - top - green pcb
CPUModule features:

  • 2.575″x1.160″ – same form factor and footprint as Mikronauts I/O modules
  • designed to run at 100Mhz
  • can be mounted on standard .1″ spacing breadboards using simple male headers
  • can take EXP1 (P0-P7), EXP2 (P8-P15) and EXP3 (P16-P23) standard -or- stacking connector
  • has on-board LM1117-3.3 (or compatible) SMT voltage regulator
  • optional power LED and current limiting resistor
  • supports up to three 33uF SMT/throughole tantalum capacitors and two 100nF ceramic bypass capacitors
  • EXP1/2 can have optional 11th +5VDC pin if the module is powered by +5VDC
  • has Mikronauts standard H-COMM connector for PropPlug, SerPlug or 485Plug
  • can take TWO EEPROM’s (pullups on both SCA and SCL)
  • one EEProm socket defaults to address 0, the other can be strapped to address 0..7
  • has two screw terminals for power input
  • extremely nice PCB layout by Sapieha

Did I mention CPUModule is tiny? I like placing it beside breadboards for experimenting with circuits:

CPUModule breadboarding

(the photo above and below show some upcoming Mikronauts modules)

CPUModule is compatible with all Mikronauts prototyping boards and Mikronauts miniMods!

If you use stacking headers – or male pins – you can even inseart CPUModule into breadboards!

CPUModule in a breadboard


  • MIK-CPUM-P .. $7.95+s/h.. bare PCB only
  • MIK-CPUM-FK .. $29.95+s/h .. full kit (includes one EEPROM)
  • MIK-CPUM-LK .. $14.95+s/h same as full kit minus Propeller and EEPROM

Note: the next production run will be blue.


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