miniPro PCB top

2.70″x1.15″ high density prototyping board

MiniPro is designed to fit:

  • Parallax Proto board (serial and USB) 10 pin connector
  • Mikronauts 10 and 11 pin connectors
  • 2×5 .. 2×10 connector fits’s SpinStudio
  • Jon’s Gadget Gangster Propeller Platform (serial and USB, except for Vin)

Sapieha’s layout increased the number of through holes by almost a factor of two compared to my original version!

  • approximately half the holes are bussed in two and three pin groups
  • there are power and ground busses as well

The latest production run of miniPro was blue, however a limited number of green PCB’s are still available.


MIK-MINIPRO-P .. $3.99+s/h for one bare PCB

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