Proteus rev2 green pcb

Proteus (rev.2) Advanced 4.00″x3.05″ prototyping board

Proteus has the same mounting hole pattern as all Parallax 4.00″x3.05″ Propeller and Basic Stamp boards, and is part of the Mikronauts system of stacking boards.

You can use Proteus to add custom circuitry to any of our 4.00″x3.05″ microcontroller boards and you can even use it with our small CPUModule!


  • most bussed through holes are 40mil in order to fit pin sockets or multiple leads
  • 50mil spacing small through holes for SMT pads and high density connectors
  • optional power on LED
  • optional tactile switch pattern
  • two 10/11 pin connector patterns on the left edge
  • eight LED mount points
  • DB25 connectorpattern
  • 3v3 / 5v power rails
  • H-COMM pattern
  • SPST switch pattern, two sizes
  • two additional 10/11 pin header patterns on top
  • two additional 10/11 pin header patterns on bottom
  • DB9 landing pattern, mini and full size
  • screw terminal for Vin
  • 5V and 3v3 power supply area
  • Morphbus connector that can be used as a 2xN connector area
  • interleaved 3v3/GND power rails
  • advanced 2/3/4 pad bussed prototype area layout and
  • 0.050″ SMT landing patterns fits soic and other packages
  • provides via’s to SOIC pattern

This first production run is green, future production runs will be blue.

If you have any questions about Proteus, please visit our Proteus discussion forum.


MIK-PROT-P .. $9.95USD plus s/h for one bare PCB

Shipping starts at $6.00USD for one board to continental US with tracking.

Please contact us for quantity pricing at mikronauts(at)gmail(dot)com.


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