Raspberry Pi Zero (PIZERO) Review


Pi Jumper

Pi Jumper is “appropriately sized” :-)

I used a PC8591 ADC module and wiringPi to test Pi Jumper’s 5V I2C interface.

Actually, I did this test before testing Pi Rtc Dio’s 3.3V I2C MCP23017’s and PC8561.

Raspberry Pi Zero Review @ Mikronauts.com
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sudo apt-get install i2c-tools

gcc -o adc adc.c -lwiringpi

just worked!

#include <wiringPi.h>
#include <pcf8591.h>
void main(int arc, char **argv) {
   int i;
   pcf8591Setup ( 100, 0x48);
   while (1) {
         printf("%3d ",analogRead(i));


JPi Zero is tiny!

Raspberry Pi Zero Review @ Mikronauts.com
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Just for the heck of it, I repeated the ‘gpio -g 17 1’ test with a small breadboard on EZasPi.

gpio -g mode 17 out
gpio -g write 17 1
gpio -g write 17 0


Booting & Launching Apps

System boot times and application launch times are very important metrics to users, as they are a measure of how “snappy” a system is.

Raspberry Pi Zero Review @ Mikronauts.com

Different boards tend to use different web and file browsers – which influences the results – and the boot time is influenced by the different kernels and speed of the boot device.

The Raspberry Pi Zero does quite well given that it is an ARMv6 single core SBC.

Compiling GNU Emacs 24.4

Here is a real-world large project compilation in order to show the effect of multiple cores on compiling large software projects.

Raspberry Pi Zero Review @ Mikronauts.com

The chart really shows how much slower single core sbc’s are for compiling large-ish projects.

Raspberry Pi Zero Review @ Mikronauts.com
(click on chart for larger version)

Article Index

  1. Introducing Raspberry Pi Zero
  2. A Closer Look at Pi Zero
  3. Feature Comparison, Operating Systems, Software Compatibility
  4. Common Applications, Multimedia, Kodi, Hardware Compatibility, USB Hubs, WiFi
  5. Ethernet, GPIO: WiringPi, pigpio, Add-On Board testing, RoboPi
  6. More testing: Pi Droid Alpha, SchoolBoard ][, Pi Rtc Dio
  7. More testing: Pi Jumper, EZasPi, Benchmarks: Booting & Launching Apps, Compiling GNU Emacs
  8. More Benchmarks: SysBench 0.4.12, iperf client & server, NBench 2.2.3
  9. More Benchmarks: Unix Bench 5.1.3, hdparm, dd, Power Utilization, Documentation
  10. Support, Conclusion, What I liked, What I did not like

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