RoboPIC 18F4550


RoboPIC 18F4550 STEM USB Robot Controller and Development Board

RoboPIC 18F4550 adds a powerful PIC USB microcontroller to ANY computer (including all single board computers) that supports USB CDC (serial) communications in order to off-load PWM and Servo control from your computer.

RoboPIC 18F4550 is the ideal tool to introduce high school students engaged in STEM courses to microcontrollers and robotics.

The low cost kit is easy to assemble in electronics or physics classes, and the pre-loaded USB bootloader and free development tools significantly reduce the barrier to entry for schools.

RoboPIC 18F4550 Robot controller @
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RoboPIC 18F4550 features

  • Microchip PIC18F4550 USB microcontroller
  • Pre-loaded with USB bootloader so you don’t need a programmer
  • Mikronauts tests USB and each I/O of the PIC chip before shipping
  • large bussed prototyping area for your experiments
  • four 10-pin Mikronauts I/O module expansion connectors
  • 32 servo compatible headers (30 available for user applications)
  • eight servo headers can be externally powered
  • RoboPIC can be USB or externally powered
  • up to 13 channels of ten bit 0-5V analog input
  • Power LED
  • User LED on RA4
  • Reset button
  • 4 pin 5V I2C header
  • 5 pin HCOM header
  • 6 pin Microchip ICSP header
  • Power selection jumper for EXP2 Servo header (Vcc or Vext)
  • Power selection jumper for board’s Vcc  (Vusb or Vext)
  • Mounting holes match all Mikronauts prototyping boards
  • Mounting holes match Paralax Boe-Bot
  • Mounts easily on Magician 2WD and 4WD chassis

RoboPIC works with Windows, OS/X and Linux based PC’s!

RoboPIC 18F4550 Robot controller @
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You can program RoboPIC 18F4550 with

SDCC, Pinguino IDE are free, and there is a free version of MPLABX+C8

MPLABX, SDCC and PinguinoIDE are all available for PC’s running Windows, OS/X and Linux.

The Pinguino libraries include Arduino-like servo, PWM and other libraries, or you can roll your own using MPLABX or SDCC.

Note: hardware programmer is NOT included

RoboPIC 18F4550 works with ANY computer or SBC that support USB CDC!

To develop software for RoboPIC 18F4550 you will need a computer or laptop that can run one of the development environments above, and possibly a hardware ICSP programmer if you don’t want to use the pre-loaded boot loader.

If you have any questions about RoboPIC 18F4550, please join us on our support form, or email us.

Kit Contents

RoboPIC 18F4550 Robot controller @
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RoboPIC 18F4550 parts

  • RoboPIC 18F4550 printed circuit board
  • PIC18F4550 microcontroller with boot loader, tested
  • DIP40 IC socket
  • all needed parts to populate RoboPIC 18F4550

For full parts listing, see the BOM in the build manual.


RoboPIC 18F4550 PCB Specifications

  • ROHS and Lead Free
  • FR4 ENIG 1-oz copper
  • 101mm * 79mm
  • mounting holes matching those on Mikronauts and Parallax 3″x4″ boards

Pricing & Availability

  • RoboPIC 18F4550 Full Kit $34.95USD + s/h
  • RoboPIC 18F4550 Assembled&Tested $59.95USD + s/h
  • RoboPIC kits and RoboPIC A&T are made in Canada

Shipping & Handling

Mikronauts products ship from Canada.

Continental US & Canada

  • 1x RoboPIC 18F4550 s/h is $8.00USD, no insurance, no tracking
  • 1-4x RoboPIC 18F4550 s/h is $18.00USD, with insurance and tracking

World Wide

  • Please contact us for non-US shipping rates for your desired product mix and quantity

Quantity pricing is available for distributors and educational organizations.




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