SerPlug is born!

A Brief History of SerPlug:

Over the years I have seen many questions about serial programming circuits for the Propeller. Personally, I’ve tried the two and three transistor circuits – unfortunately I found that they did not work with all USB to Serial cables. That’s why I designed a MAX3232 based RS232 programming circuit for my Mem+ board. At the same time, I also laid out (in Eagle, in case any one is curious) a stand alone version; however I assumed that most people who got a Morpheus board would get a Mem+, or would already have a Propeller Plug.

Late last year, I showed a preliminary layout to Sapieha … and he kindly offered to make a nicer layout for me. He was right, his layout is nicer than mine was.

Off it went to prototype production… and today I got the prototypes.


(RIGHT-CLICK and choose “View Image” to see a larger photo)

I am happy to announce that the SerPlug is now in stock and ready to ship!

  • SerPlug has a 3 pin jumper for choosing RTS or DTR as the RESET signal
  • SerPlug has a RSTEN jumper, which if removed, stops the Propeller from being reset.

SerPlug’s 5 pin header is PropPlug compatible, with the addition of a fifth pin that supplies +3.3V to SerPlug. If you are programming a board that only has a 4 pin connector, simply run +3.3V to the fifth position.

SerPlug Pricing:

  • one SerPlug kit for $9.95 USD + s/h
  • two SerPlug kits for $19.00 USD + s/h
  • four SerPlug kits for $37.50 USD + s/h
  • larger quantities will be available, ask for a quote on the quantity you need

To order your SerPlugs, send me an email with how many you want, and your snail mail address so I can figure out the shipping and handling.

Estimated shipping and handling for Continental US:

1 SerPlug kit: $3.50 USD (Light Packet Air)
2-4 SerPlug kits: $8.00 USD (Small Packet Air, may fit more than 4, I have to weigh the new kit)

Shipping to Canada will be slightly less, shipping to Europe will be more expensive.

Please send me your full address if you want me to look up shipping to your non-continental US location, or for larger quantities.

To order, send me an email to “mikronauts” at “gmail” dot “com”, with your name, address, desired quantity, and your registered PayPal address so I can send you a PayPal invoice.

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