Banana Pi USB WiFi Tests

My Banana Pi Review tested five USB WiFi sticks for compatibility – the same five sticks I’ve used in my Raspberry Pi WiFi tests.

Raspberry Pi WiFi tests @Mikronauts

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Recently, I tested three more USB WiFi adapters, and I decided to make a separate Banana Pi USB WiFi tests page that I will update whenever I test additional USB WiFi adapters.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ WiFi Adapter Tests

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Here are the latest test results:

USB WiFi Stick Chipset Banana Pi Bpi Hub
Netis WF-2111 Realtek ??? YES YES
Patriot PCBOWAU2-N Realtek RTL8191S NO YES
LEGUANG LG-N19 ? Ralink rt2x00 NO YES
RetailPlus+ WL-6203 Realtek RTL8191S NO YES
KEEBOX W150NUv1.0 Ralink rt2x00 NO YES
EdiMax EW-7811Un Realtek ??? YES YES
WiPi OYR-COMFAST88 Ralink rt2x00 YES YES
TP-LINK TL-WN725N Realtek ??? YES YES

NOTE: Your mileage may vary, as sometimes manufacturing changes are made to WiFi adapters without changing the model name or number.

  • The Banana Pi column shows if the adapter worked when directly plugged into one of the BPi’s USB ports
  • The BPi Hub column shows if the adapter worked when plugged into a powered hub, with the hub plugged into the BPi

I was pleasantly surprised that the popular TP-LINK TL-WN725N worked “out of the box” with Lemaker’s port of Raspbian for the Banana Pi, whereas with the latest version of Raspbian that I use on my Raspberry Pi’s it still takes additional work to get it running.

I intend to update this article as I get more different WiFi adapters to test.

If you would like to discuss this article, visit our Banana Pi WiFi Testing forum

For more details, please see the individual pages for the specific WiFi adapters, which includes the kernel dmesg output when the adapters were plugged in.

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