Propeller Development, Retro Gaming and Computing platform – Available NOW!

PropCade is the first Propeller based computer designed for 100Mhz operation from the ground up!
Feature List:
  • 100MHz operation, tested for all functions
  • 6.800”x2.800′ double sided, solder masked, silk-screened PCB
  • Propeller P8X32 (running at 100Mhz)
  • PCF8563 Real Time Clock
  • battery backup of RTC
  • optional battery backup of last two DIP SPI ram’s
  • two RJ45 jacks for easy RS485 daisy-chained networking (MAX3485)
  • IR receiver (38Khz)
  • IR transmitter
  • two Sega/Atari DB9M joystick ports using a MCP23S17 running at 5VDC
  • built-in ‘SerPlug’ MAX3232 serial port with DB9F runs at 1Mbps with optional FTDI USB cable
  • uSD socket (push/pull)
  • six sockets for SPI RAM/FRAM/FLASH (SOIC8/TDFN pattern under DIP8 socket)
  • VGA output (demo board compatible)
  • Video output (demo board compatible)
  • S-Video output
  • Stereo audio out via RCA jacks
  • PS/2 keyboard jack (demo board compatible)
  • PS/2 mouse jack (demo board compatible)
  • DC 2.1mm power jack for 7.5V-9V adapter (not supplied)
  • push on / push off power switch
  • power ON LED
  • 2 user LED’s
  • PropPlug/SerPlug header (remove SP3232 to use the header)
  • extremely Demo board compatible
  • VGA/Keyboard/Mouse pins 100% Protoboard compatible

Future Expansion:

  • up to seven more MCP23S17’s for up to 112 more digital I/O’s
  • I2C expansion header for anything you care to hook up to it

Alternate Industrial Configuration:

  • two 10-pin ports for upcoming Mikronauts optically isolated I/O modules (instead of DB9M joystick ports)
  • three screw terminal instead of DB9F for RS232
  • three screw terminals instead of RJ45’s for RS485 networking
  • SOIC8/TDFN SRAM/FLASH/FRAM instead of DIP8 memory

PropCade is a self-contained, affordable Propeller platform for:

  • writing Spin and Pasm code right on the Propeller with Sphinx
  • emulating old computers (Z80, 6809, etc)
  • emulating old game consoles
  • making arcade cabinets
  • serial terminal replacement
  • running virtual machines (ZOG, Java and others)
  • running FemtoBasic
  • VT100 replacement

The possibilities are endless!

Sapieha PCB layout is amazing – this board was designed for 100Mhz+ operation!

Kit #1 – “PropCade 128”

PropCade PCB, *COMPLETE* kit with 128KB SRAM for $109+s/h

Complete means complete – the only empty sockets on the board will be two of the 8 pin dip memory expansion sockets – please see the feature list at the top for what is included.

Add $30 if you would like your PropCade assembled and tested.

Kit #2 – “PropCade Essentials”

PropCade Essentials kit for $39 + s/h

Since a lot of Propeller enthusiasts will already have most of the parts needed to populate PropCade, I thought it would be useful to make a “Bare Kit” consisting only of the parts that are not readily available from DigiKey.

This kit includes ONLY the following parts:

  • PropCade printed circuit board
  • 6.25Mhz crystal
  • uSD socket
  • power switch
  • triple RCA socket that PropCade is designed to accept
  • two of the RJ45 unshielded connectors I use

You will have to supply all of the other parts.

Shipping and handling should be between $28-$35 for XpressPost, and $17-$25 for Expedited Parcel (best guesses, more outside US/Canada) to the continental U.S. including tracking and delivery in 3-5 business days to major urban centers. Please send me your exact address for an accurate shipping quote.

Here is an example of a PropCade complete kit 128K

  • XpressPost shipping to California: $28 s/h, includes tracking, 3-4 business day delivery
  • Expedited Parcel shipping to California: $17 s/h, includes tracking, 4 business day delivery
You can save on shipping by ordering two kits, as the shipping charge is the same for one or two kits.
Note for non-major centers, add 2-3 business days to delivery.I recommend Expedited Parcel!
Available Software
  • SphinxOS
  • BoulderDash
  • NES joystick interface emulation (for Hydra games)
  • pretty much everything from Obex as-is, after changing the xtal frequency!
PropCade-top1.JPG PropCade - frontPropCade - back
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