uCProto top of pcb


  • 4.000″x3.125″ board
  • mounting holes compatible with Parallax mounting hole spacing
  • large double-density prototyping area
  • VGA connector footprint
  • mini USB-B connector
  • RCA jack
  • mini DB9 serial connector
  • 8 LED’s
  • one tactile pushbutton switch
  • power on LED
  • 2 screw terminal for Vin
  • LM7805 based 5V power supply
  • LM1117-3.3 based 3.3V power supply
  • three mini power switches
  • 16 servo headers
  • PFC8563 based RTC circuit
  • battery holder for RTC
  • dedicated footprint for any 28-40 pin dip IC
  • EXP1 & EXP2 10 pin headers, stacks with other Mikronauts boards
  • HCOMM header
  • EXP3 & EXP4 headers
  • MorphBus compatible 40 pin header
  • small 0.050″ SMT (SOIC) prototype area on the back of the board


MIK-UCPROT-P .. $9.95USD+s/h for one bare PCB

Shipping starts at $6.00USD for one board to continental US with tracking.

Please contact us for quantity pricing at mikronauts(at)gmail(dot)com.

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