Hantek 1008B Oscilloscope

You can never have too much test equipment!

(Well, at least as long as your wife does not object, and you have space to store the equipment.)

Some time ago I saw what looked like a great deal on Ebay – a Hantek 1008B eight channel USB based oscilloscope for PC’s, aimed at the automotive market. I downloaded the manual, and after a quick read, decided to order one.

(six BNC connectors and 1kHz test signal on the front – click on the image for a larger photo)

As it turns out, the Hantek 1008B is very useful for my HexPi robot and “The Better Mousetrap Servo Tester” projects (both based on the RoboPi controller), as it allows me to monitor and log eight separate (servo power) or other analog signals at the same time – at a far higher rate than I could log with an Arduino or the MCP3208 ADC’s I normally use.

The Hantek 1008B Feaures:

  • eight 12 bit analog channels
  • 2.4Msps (single channel) / 300Ksps (eight channels)
  • 1M ohm input resistance
  • 1x/10x/100x/1000x/10000x/20:1 input attenuation
  • 4k samples (single channel)
  • repeating / single edge sensitive (rising or falling) triggering
  • impressive measurement capabilities
  • eight channel 3.3v programmable generator, 0-250kHz
  • a lot of car diagnostic functions

For a complete feature list, you can visit the manufacturers product page, and if you register, you can download the manual and software.

Please note: as far as I can tell, the 1008A/B/C differ only in the supplied probes.

(Two more BNC connectors, signal generator output, USB and (optional) power connectors on the back – click on the image for a larger photo)

The Hantek 1008B I received came with four alligator clip test probes, and four BNC connectors for you to make your own custom probes.

Fortunately, I have a lot of other scope probes in the lab already, so I can make full use of the eight channels immediately!

(Alligator clip probe and supplied BNC connector – click on the image for a larger photo)

The Oscilloscope Software

Hantek supplies a windows application for the 1008 series of USB oscilloscopes.

I installed it on one of my small Atom based Acer Windows 7 Pro lab computers without any problem, however I think I need to find better USB drivers for the on-board hub. Occasionally the Acer would lose the USB connection to the scope – resulting in a brief glitch on the display, however it would always recover in a second or two.

The longer I used the scope and its software, the fewer glitches … go figure. Sometimes turning a channel on or off would not update the checkmark, however the selected channel would appear or disappear as appropriate in the main window.

Here is the initial display, with all eight channels active, displaying the 1kHz 2v p-p test signal supplied by the scope.

Horizontal grid setting was 200us/div

Vertical grid setting was 1v/div

(click on the image for a larger view)

I centered CH1, as with the default settings it was going off-screen.

(click on the image for a larger view)

I googled to see if there was any Linux support for the Hantek 1008B. Unfortunately while the Sigrok project is planning to support the 1008C, there is no working code yet.

I did find a tear down including some technical information about the 1008C there:

  • STM32F103C6T6A processor
  • separate 8:1 analog mux and dual op-amp for each channel
  • octal buffer for the signal generator

I am hoping that sigrok will be available for the Hantek 1008 soon!

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