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This page is about my SPRITE robot – photos, demo code etc will be presented here.

Go buy a copy of servo (or better yet, subscribe to Servo) so you can read my article. Servo has other great articles too, it is one of my favorite magazines :)


I will be working on this page today, and into the future… I will continue to add more SPRITE sample code and photos here.

EZasPi prototyping boards are available now from my Ebay site

SPRITE-KIT is now available.

Click here for the Ebay listing for a SPRITE controller kit (controller only)

 Click here for the Ebay listing for a SPRITE controller LITE kit (controller only, does not include AA battery holder)

Other parts needed for complete robot:

Raspberry Pi RASPBRRY-MODB-512M http://www.newark.comThe Model-A may work, but I have not tried it
EzasPI SPRITE kit SPRITE-KIT http://Mikronauts.com/robot-zoo/sprite See link for details
Ardubot Robot-Chassis-Kits-161 http://www.budgetrobotics.com/Chassis must be big enough for everything, and be servo driven
WiFi adapter low power USB wifi adapter http://www.newegg.com netis WF-2111, see http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Wi-Fi_Adapters for list of compatible adapters, choose one that does not need a powered hub
Parallax standard servo 900-00005-ND http://www.digikey.com
Parallax continuous rotation servo 900-00008-ND http://www.digikey.comOther standard servo would work
Servo Wheels RB-Sbo-86 http://www.robotshop.comThey have other colors as well
SeeedStudio Ultrasonic Range Finder RB-See-90 http://www.robotshop.comYou can substitute the Parallax Ping sensor
Servo extension cable RB-Pol-180 http://www.robotshop.comThis one is long… try to find a shorter one
Lynxmotion Sensor Housing RB-Lyn-75 http://www.robotshop.comAny sensor mount will do
Patriot Power Bank PCPB52002 http://www.ncix.comIf you substitute, make sure the battery can supply regulated 5V 2A
NimH 4xAA batteries and charger ECH420 http://www.ncix.comOr equivalent, minimum 1800mAh suggested

You will also need some standard tools:

screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, soldering iron, hookup wire, solder

If you have any questions about SPRITE, please visit our SPRITE forum!

SPRITE Downloads:

sprite-demo.c source code for the SPRITE demo program

interfaces my /etc/network/interfaces file

wpa_supplicant.conf my /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file


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